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 Cooperative Elevator Co. is an agricultural cooperative situated in Michigan's "thumb" - a rich agricultural region offering fertile soils, tiled fields, adequate rainfall, and temperatures moderated by Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay.

The region combines trained and experienced producers, excellent work ethics, good transportation, a strong agricultural infrastructure, diversified marketing, agronomy, seed and petroleum enterprises, and progressive farming practices to create a spirit of cooperation and partnering.

The cooperative is owned by 1,115 farmer producers and has been in business since 1915.  Cooperative Elevator Co. is headquartered in Pigeon, Michigan and has plants in Akron, Bad Axe, Deckerville-East, Deckerville-West, Elkton Elevator, Elkton Terminal, Fairgrove, Gagetown, Jeddo, North Branch, Pigeon, Ruth, Sebewaing, and Larimore, North Dakota.  We provide quality farm inputs to member patrons.  These farm supplies include seed, fertilizer, crop protection, and petroleum.  Our services include custom applications using variable rate technology for sustainability.


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Reminder: All commodities will be placed on a price later agreement. Once on price later, ownership of those commodities is with Cooperative Elevator Co. Please remember that transfers to another individual or organization must be done as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the marketing department.  Read More

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Anyone not requesting payment on there dry bean pool checks will automatically be issued a check on Nov 20, 2015. Please let the marketing department know by Nov 1, 2015 if you need that payment delayed until next year.  Read More

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Pre Harvest delivery procedures and specification for Natures Genetics 2.0 Non GMO Soybeans. Click on the "read more" link for additional information.  Read More

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FLAT TIRE??? Time is $$$, and down time can really add up against the bottom line of your business. Cooperative Elevator Co.’s mobile tire repair service is just what you need!  Read More